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Common Signs You Need a Professional Sewer Line Replacement

sewer line replacement Every home depends on a functioning sewer line but most homeowners know nothing about their sewer line – until there is a problem. Whether you have a new home, or your home was built 50 years ago, sewer line problems can and do arise, and they are both unpleasant and inconvenient when they do. Sewer lines can become damaged for a number of reasons that are no fault of the homeowner. Common reasons for damage include tree roots, blockages, collapsed pipes, deterioration due to age, and improper installation. Although nobody wants to have their sewer line replaced, ignoring common signs of a problem with your sewer line can lead to major, and highly expensive, problems. Below, we take a closer look at the common signs you need to have a professional sewer line replacement.

Common Signs You Need a Professional Sewer Line Replacement

  • A Spike in Your Water Bill
    • Although your water bill fluctuates from month to month, if you notice a spike in your water bill that you cannot explain, it may be a sign that you have a plumbing leak. Although the leak could be in a number of places, there is a good chance it could be in your sewer line and your home’s plumbing should be inspected as soon as possible to find the source.
  • Sewer Odor
    • Your sewer line carries sewage out of your house but the seal is airtight and you shouldn’t be able to smell sewage inside or outside of your house. If you notice a sewer odor anywhere on your property, it is a tell-tale sign that there is a crack or leak in your sewer line.
  • Soggy Spots on Your Lawn
    • If you have not been overwatering your lawn and you notice soggy spots, damp areas, or even raised areas on your lawn or somewhere else on your property, it could be the result of a broken sewer line. 
  • Sewage Backup or Overflow
    • If you notice a sewage backup or have an overflow, it is likely the result of a clog or other damage in your sewer line. This may also look like water backup when you flush your toilets or use the shower, or may also look like slow-draining water in your sinks. Although those symptoms may be the result of another plumbing issue, water backup and overflow of any kind is a signal you need professional plumbing assistance. 


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